101 in 1001


Inspired by littlemisskeri.wordpress.com 🙂

Here is the main reason for me even starting my blog. Funny how you want to do something for so long, but then a random internet challenge type thing actually makes you do it!

I will complete 101 different goals in 1001 days.

Start – January 20th 2014

End – October 17th 2016

Learning (0/8)

  1. Make the Dean’s list for my last 4 semesters
  2. Complete the Music Management minor
  3. Take extra Grad classes focused on a music career
  4. Graduate alive
  5. Take dance classes
  6. Become proficient in the imovie, Keynote, pages, and numbers programs through Apple’s one to one classes. (opt, = motion, iphoto, aperture)
  7. Prepare symphony/philharmonic auditions
  8. Apply to a California grad program

Professional (0/7)

  1. Work for the Brandywiners over the summer
  2. Work a Music Management internship
  3. Get an internship with a Record Label
  4. Get an Album started and recorded
  5. Co-write/compose an original song
  6. Get a promotional website up and running
  7. Build a resume

Musical (0/7)

  1. Solo with an orchestra
  2. Perform something on Electric Violin
  3. Play Orange Blossom Special as an Encore
  4. Perfect the ability of playing violin and singing simultaneously
  5. Purge my itunes library
  6. Learn a hard classical piano piece really well
  7. Listen to only classical music for a week

Physical (0/15)

  1. Continue working out every day
  2. Drink at least 4 large glasses of water a day
  3. Learn how to play basketball
  4. Swim 20 laps a day through both summer 2014 and 15
  5.  Go for a walk in the park once a week in the summer
  6. Beat Daddy at 3 games of Ping Pong in a row.
  7. Go Surfing again
  8. Be able to do 15 Pushups
  9. Go 1 month without hitting snooze once
  10. Get a full body massage
  11. Take a Bubble Bath once every month
  12. Stop biting my nails
  13. Take vitamins every day
  14. Enter a Color Run
  15. Learn to Braid my own hair well

Spiritual (0/9)

  1. Read the whole Bible
  2. Become a member of a church
  3. Meet with my mentor once a month
  4. Go to Biblestudy at least twice a month during the semester
  5. Be on a new worship team
  6. Consistently mentor someone
  7. Go to Passion
  8. Make and keep a prayer jar
  9. Memorize a verse a month

Personal (1/13)

  1. Journal at least once a week
  2. Get Christmas Shopping done a month ahead of time.
  3. Do all of my Christmas Shopping on Black Friday
  4. Create the blog you’ve wanted to create
  5. Post on said blog  at least once a week
  6. Go a month without Facebook
  7. Go a month without Twitter
  8. Skype Lizzy once a month
  9. Write to Ellie once a month
  10. Answer the 50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind
  11. Go to a UD Football/basketball game with Dad
  12. Write a letter to myself in 10 years
  13. Learn a poem by heart

LA (0/10)

  1. Move to LA/Anaheim!
  2. Get a job at Disneyland
  3. Go to see the LA Philharmonic
  4. Work part time for a Record Label
  5. Be a Seat Filler!
  6. Get a picture with the Hollywood Sign as close as possible
  7. Meet an actor/actress/singer
  8. Visit LA with Mom
  9. Eat at In-N-Out Burger
  10. Take mom shopping on Santy Alley

 Just For Fun (1/15)

  1. Come up with 101 things for this list
  2. Plan the BEST family trip to Disney World
  3. Go to a rock concert
  4. Attend a taping of a Late Night Show
  5. Stay at the beach house for a week alone
  6. Stay up all night to watch stars and see the sunrise
  7. Camp on the beach
  8. Send obnoxious fan mail to Jennifer Lawrence like you’ve always wanted to.
  9. Send a letter to Minnie Mouse in Disney World
  10. Have a fabulous 21st Birthday
  11. Marathon HP the whole way through without falling asleep
  12. Take Becki for a beach and shopping day in Rehobeth
  13. Visit a state you’ve never been to
  14. Spend a whole day watching Disney Movies
  15. Try on Wedding Dresses

Financial (0/6)

  1. But $50 into a savings account every month. Go up $25 every 6 months.
  2. With the above system, save $2,700 in an untouchable account by the end date of this list.
  3.  Spend no more than $25 a month on clothing
  4. Find clothes to sell to Plato’s closet
  5. Buy a new phone. don’t break it.
  6. fill a good sized mason jar with change

Organizational (0/10)

  1. Answer emails/facebook messages within 24 hours
  2. Sign up for classes on the day of your registration, every semester
  3.  Help the parentals clean out the attic
  4.  Organize past semesters’ materials
  5. Never lose Orchestra Music
  6. Create a “cookbook” of 1 person meals to make during the semester.
  7. Make a “chore chart”
  8. Organize all of your sheet music into notebooks
  9. get all recital dresses cleaned and put in dress bags
  10. unsubscribe from unwanted email lists

Last but not least: (0/1)

1. Make your next 101 in 1001 list


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